X-Wing Miniatures Box Art

Darren tan tfa cover da 02
The Force Awakens - Resistance X-wing vs First Order Tie Fighter
Darren tan ro cover da 02
Rogue One - U-wing vs Tie Striker
Darren tan hotr cover da
The Force Awakens - Heroes of the Resistance
Darren tan shadowcaster cover da 02
Star Wars Rebels - Shadow Caster
Darren tan ghost cover da 02
Star Wars Rebels - Ghost & Phantom
Darren tan gr75coverimage da
Rebel Transport
Darren tan tantiveivcoverimage da
Corellian Corvette

Some box art I've done for Fantasy Flight Games popular X-wing Miniatures Game. Great game btw:)

Used under authorization and copyright of Lucasfilm Ltd.
Published by Fantasy Flight Games