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Freelancers Concepts

This was a project I worked on back in my IFS days. Our studio got a unique opportunity to pitch an idea for a TV series for Fremantle Media. Natural I went with a Medieval theme but with a twist; what if there was a ragtag group of mercenaries made up of warriors from all across the Medieval world. What would they look like and what sort of adventures would they have?

I did some concept art for the pitch with the help of my ex-colleagues but unfortunately nothing came of it in the end. Still, I like some of the artwork a lot so I thought I'd share it here.

Darren tan freelancers against the germans da

Nagahide (Ronin) and Vincent (Knight) fighting side by side against German Men-at-arms in defense of a town in northern Italy near the border with the Holy Roman Empire

Darren tan freelancers camp site da

The Freelancer company pitches camp for the night in Cappadocian wilderness. Sophia, the Muslim warrior says her evening prayers while the others unwind.

Darren tan freelancers protecting the pilgrims da

Elena (English archer) and Karl (Rus warrior) protecting some pilgrims against Turkish bandits. From a distance, Jun, a Ming warrior from China, rides to their assistance.

Darren tan portfolio concept freelancers da

Character designs