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The First Encounter

Some old interior illustrations from Star Wars: Essential Reader's Companion depicting events and stories from the Star Wars Expanded Universe timeline (now called Legends).

I have another one for you Mara fan's. This one is from the first book of the New Jedi Order series called Vector Prime and it shows Mara Jade dueling Yomin Carr. She's the first Jedi to ever encounter, duel and defeat a Yuuzhan Vong in single combat, albeit with great difficulty. This was an enemy unlike any other the Jedi has faced before and one that is formidable even to an experienced Jedi like Jade Skywalker. On top of looking like a pure badass the one thing that makes Yuuzhan Vong cool to me is their use of living bio-weapons like thud bugs (thrown projectiles) and the amazing amphistaff, which is a whip, sword, spear, and venom shooter all rolled into one and its apparently so tough that it can resist a lightsaber cut.

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Published by Del Rey

Darren tan vector prime yomin carr vs mara da


Darren tan 21 vector prime yomin carr vs mara sketch 01